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Planting Instructions for the Yellow Shrimp

Plant Golden shrimp plant is an upright tropical shrub that reaches mature heights of 36 to 48 inches. The showy, yellow, gold or orange flowers, which bloom during the summer, resemble the layered scales of a shrimp. 

Golden shrimp plant prefers full sunlight; however, the plant benefits from afternoon shade in climates with hot summers. The plant grows in nearly any type of well-drained soil, including sand, clay, loam, or soil that is slightly acidic or alkaline. However, it isn't a good choice for beach-side planting, as golden shrimp plant doesn't perform well in salty soil.

Although golden shrimp plant tolerates moist soil, it performs best when the surface of the soil is allowed to dry slightly between watering. When watering, provide enough water to saturate the roots to a depth of about 6 inches. Regular fertilization stimulates healthy growth and big blooms. However, avoid excessive fertilization, which weakens the plant and makes it more susceptible to disease and insects.
About The Yellow Shrimp

Golden shrimp plants are popular landscape items in tropical areas. Blooming year-round in masses of gold bracts flecked with small white flowers, it's easy to see why gardeners love them. For some reason, they never caught on to the same degree as houseplants. There's really no reason for this. Given the right warmth and light, and a little snipping here and there, they can be wonderful and exotic additions to your collection.
How To Care For The Yellow Shrimp
Yellow Shrimp
Yellow Shrimp Plants bloom at an early age and continue over a long period of time. Hummingbirds and butterflies love the honey nectar from the Yellow Shrimp Plant