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Planting Instructions for the Arbaricola Trinette

 Add a combination of composted cow manure and top soil (or organic peat humus) to the hole when you plant.
Branch trimming - rather than cutting across leaves - looks best, though these shrubs can be kept more manicured with a hedge trimmers. 

Branches are fleshy and easy to cut even on older plants. Trim as needed for shape, and in spring (late March through early April) you can do a harder pruning for size.

Water regularly but give the plant enough time to dry out between waterings. These shrubs don't like wet locations and are considered drought-tolerant once they're established...though a regular, well-timed watering keeps them looking full and lush.

Fertilize 3 times a year - spring, summer and fall - with a quality granular fertilizer.

Landscape uses for Arbaricola Trinette 

medium-height hedge
plant for the corner of the house
accent in a garden bed or by the door
privacy plant around pool or patio
About The Arbaricola Trinette 

"Trinette" is the most commonly grown variegated cultivar. The all-green variety grows faster and larger and is included in the 4-6 foot shrubs section. 

Charmingly pretty as an accent, foundation planting, or in a garden bed, this dwarf Schefflera can add tropical flair to an otherwise ho-hum landscape. It can be grown to highlight other plants or stand out as star of the show with its bright yellow and green foliage.
How To Care For The Arbaricola
Arbaricola Trinette
 Landscapes in South Florida have become almost overwhelmed with the use of this plant - and with good reason. It looks good anywhere, no matter what you do to it.